10 Hollywood Movies With the Best Ever Plot Twists In The History

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Everyone love watching movies especially when there is an amazing plot twist in the movie. Movie makers have been using these plot twists from decades to make their movies more interesting. They try to make it such so that everyone wonder about what will happen next in the movie. And this really happens when there is a good plot twist in the movie. We are so curious to know about the next scene that we don’t miss a single second. Sometimes plot twist can change even a boring story into an interesting one.

Here are some of the best plot twists in the history of Hollywood:


1. High Tension

Here is the movie with one the most horrifying plot twist ever .


2. Get Out

This horror comedy movie is one of those movies which have a number of plot twists. The one comes when Chris’ girlfriend isn’t who she says she is.


3. Memento

 Memento , a Christopher Nolan’s movie  can be said as the movie which is made for a number of twists. The twist comes in the way Nolan reveals Leonard is being manipulated by people around him. There are clues making people think that Leonard’s backstory may be a lie.


4. Se7en

It was an amazing scene when plot twist in the movie comes where Brad Pitt acted so brilliantly.


5. Mulholland Drive

The twist in this movie is not a typical one .Here Betty isn’t who she believes herself to be.


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6. The History Of Violence

The twist in this movie comes when we get to know that he was the real hero but an infamous assassin.


7. Primal Fear

 Edward Norton in this movie performed so well. He convinced the audience about multiple personality disorder which was not easy.


8. Fight Club

The twist in this movie comes when we get to know that the role of Brad Pitt is just a fiction of insomniac’s frazzled mindset which is revealed at the end.

9. Angel Heart

Movie with a great twist. The twist comes when the detective and the person he’s searching comes out to be the same guy!!!!


10. The Village

One of most risky and best written plot of all the time is The Village .It was one of the best movie.

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