6 Incredible Android 18 Cosplay Every Dragon Ball Fan

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Top 6 Android 18 Cosplay

Every Dragon Ball fan must know the powerful futuristic robot Android 18. She is among the foremost recognizable characters of the trendy amine. Android 18’s calm, composed, and self-confident nature attracts many. Dragon Ball sketches an adorable character of Android 18, portraying her as a strong fighter, an attractive woman, a loving wife of Kerlin, and a caring mother of her daughter Marron.

Here we present you the best cosplays for Android 18 that provides a push to the beautiful of this character to unlock new levels of style – 

Battle Worn Android 18 By Kasuzame

Kasuzame presents this epic touchdown pose, which excited the Dragon Ball lovers. The looks exactly resemble the early getup of the powerful Android 18, with torn clothes while fighting with the mighty Vegeta. Although Android 18 hates messing up with her attire, this look highlights an excellent cosplay rendition.

Genderbent (Rule 63) Android 18 By Castlecosplay

The viral castle cosplay carries out the fabulous look of Android 18. This style resembles the signature look of Android 18, with some modifications. He replaces the skirt with jeans and introduces an advance look of short hairs in place of a blonde bob.

Dragon Ball Super Android 18 By Queen_Azshara

This less cosplayed outfit of Android 18 is one of the fascinating attire carried out by Queen Azshara. The unique look it creates purple sleeves and a black base, including a white thunder mark in the middle, is loved by many amine fans. The white pearl necklace perfectly compliments her look. Although this cosplay seems excellent, it is one of the rarest displayed attires of Android 18.

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Android 18 By Yourfavoritesenpaii

The latest look of Android 18 introduced by Yourfavouritesenpaii. Few modifications pushed this look to perfection. The blonde bob is replaced by natural curls, providing a pinch of freshness to it. The awesome Android 17 look on her side complements her appearance as a powerful duo.

Cyberpunk Android 18 By Ohmysophii

Ohmysophi pulls out an incredible Android 18 look, wrapped in a box of freshness and beauty, to portray her character as the cyberpunk version of the powerful android 18. Her hairstyle and color palette is the same as the amine character, but her outfit design is the latest and unique.

Hijab Style Android 18 By Queenofluna

This cosplay of Android 18 perfectly portrays the sense of creativity of Queenofluna. She is one of the famous creators, who introduce her hijab to give the amine characters, the Disney princess, superheroes a touch of freshness and creativity in her look. She perfectly carries out the look of Android 18, with the most delicate touch of makeup, wearing a ripped jeans shirt and complimenting it with her yellow hijab.

So, here we present you the most unique and fascinating Android 18 Cosplay; every Dragon Ball Fan loves.

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