Jeff Bridges Movies and TV Shows: List of Top Jeff Bridges’s best works

Wondering for the best works of Jeff Bridges? Here is the complete list of the top Jeff Bridges movies and Tv shows.

Jeffrey Leon Bridges, known popularly as Jeff Bridges, is a 72-year-old veteran American actor who is one of the most versatile actors of all time. Jeff is known for his astounding range as an actor and his diverse works in the movie industry. 

Throughout his whole career, Jeff has received multiple awards and nominations for his excellence in acting. Jeff Bridges has received two Golden Globe Awards, one Academy Award, and one Skilled Actors Guild Award. Jeff has been nominated for one Primetime Emmy Award and seven academy awards along with three BAFTA awards. 

Jeff Bridges has also released three studio albums named Be Here Soon, Jeff Bridges, and Sleeping Tapes along with a single named “What a Little Bit Of Love Can Do” in 2011. 

Clearly, Jeff Bridges is one of the most cherished acting talents of all Hollywood. So in honor of his works, today in this article we will talk about some of the greatest Jeff Bridges movies and TV shows that fans of the actor will surely enjoy. 

List of Jeff Bridges Movie and TV Shows

Jeff Bridges has worked in over 70 movies and TV shows in his whole acting career. Whereas every work he has done has been very unique and enjoyable in itself, here in this article we will talk about some of the best Jeff Bridges movies and TV shows. 

Jeff Bridges Movies

  • Hearts of the West (1975)

Jeff Bridges Movie and TV Shows
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First, on our list of Jeff Bridges Movies and TV shows, Hearts Of The West is an inspiring story of following one’s dream. The movie stars Jeff Bridges as an ambitious young aspiring writer named Lewis Tater, who dreams of becoming the next great American writer.

But when he travels to California to fulfill his dream, he is recruited by a Hollywood unit manager named Bert Kessler (played by Alan Arkin). While in Bert’s set, Lewis finds out about the less glamorous and darker picture of working as a writer.

The show follows Tater’s life and how he struggles and succeeds as a writer and how he falls in love with a young secretary named Miss Trout (played by Blythe Danner). 

  • Fat City (1972)

Jeff Bridges Movie and TV Shows
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Fat City follows the story of a former boxer named Tully (played by Stacy Keach) who decides to give himself a second chance after meeting a teenage boy Ernie (played by Jeff Bridges) in a gym and finds the potential within him.

The story goes on as Tully battles with his past problems and helps a young teen Ernie to face his challenges.

Ernie, despite being so young, is pressured into fatherhood by his girlfriend (played by Candy Clark) and is forced into marriage. However, Ernie can leave all his issues past as he enters the ring and faces his opponent on the opposite side. 

  • The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)

Jeff Bridges Movie and TV Shows

The Fabulous Baker is a story about two brothers named Frank Baker (played by Beau Bridges ) and Jack Baker (played by Jeff Bridges) who work in a small piano act for years. However, their lack of enthusiasm for the work they do ends up with them losing their gigs.

As they try to rebuild their piano act, the brothers audition for singers for their piano act and eventually choose the gorgeous singer named Susie Diamond (played by Michelle Pfeiffer).

Thanks to Susie’s talent, the Baker Piano act became a success. However, in the midst of this, Jack grows feelings for Susie, which brings the future of the Piano Act in an uncertain position.

  • The Last Picture Show (1971)

Jeff Bridges Movie and TV Shows
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The Last Picture Show is a story about two young Highschool best friends named Duane (played by Jeff Bridges) and Sonny (played by Timothy Bottoms) who live in a small, dying Texas town.

As Duane is in a relationship with the attractive and popular girl of the town named Jacy (played by Cybill Shepherd) and Sonny has an affair with the coach’s wife Ruth (played by Cloris Leachman), the boys worry about their career and future and how they can have a better life outside the dying town. 

  • The Fisher King (1991)

Next on our list of Jeff Bridges Movies and TV shows, we have The Fisher King. The Fisher King is an Oscar-winning movie about a shock jock who finds his way to redemption by helping out an innocent victim of his mistake.

In the movie, Jack Lucas (played by Jeff Bridges) is a DJ who accidentally provokes a caller into murdering a number of innocent people.

As he sits depressed by his actions in the bar, he meets a homeless man named Parry (played by Robin Williams) who is out looking for the Holy Grail. To seek redemption, Jack helps Parry in his journey. 

Jeff Bridges TV shows

  • The Old Man (2022)

Jeff Bridges Movies and TV Shows

The first TV show in our list of Jeff Bridges Movies and TV shows, The Old Man, is a 2022 TV show series that follows the story of a retired CIA agent named Dan Chase (played by Jeff Bridges) who lives his life peacefully as a retired citizen.

However, his peace comes to an end as he gets attacked by an assassin, which causes him to come back as a CIA agent.

In his journey of finding the assassin, Dan partners up with Zoe McDonald, and they fight for the truth together. As Chase goes out of hiding, the FBI’s assistant Director for Counterintelligence, Harold Harper, along with his protégé Agent Angela, are assigned to hunt him down because of his old complicated past with the rogue fugitive.

  • Sea Hunt (1958)

Jeff Bridges Movie and TV Shows
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Sea Hunt is an adventure drama series released in 1958. The story follows Mike Nelson, a scuba diver in the early days of the profession. The show follows his adventures as a scuba diver as he ventures through the depths of the ocean. A special episode aired on August 16, 1958, features Jeff Bridges as Jimmy in a special appearance.

  • A Dog Year (2009)

Jeff Bridges Movies and TV Shows

Last but not the least, in our list of Jeff Bridges Movies and TV shows we have a sweet story in store. A Dog Year is a television movie directed by George LaVoo which was first aired on HBO in 2009.

The movie is a sweet story about the memoir of Jon Katz(Jeff Bridges) who is going through a midlife crisis. His life grows mundane as his wife moves out due to him being distant, and so does his daughter.

However, Jon decides to adopt a dog by listening to the advice of a dog breeder. The dog turns out to be a hyperactive border collie named Davon, and while living with his new dog, Jon’s new crazy life starts.


In this article, we have talked about top Jeff Bridges Movies and TV shows that have proved from time to time that Jeff Bridges is one of the most gifted actors of all time. Which of these movies do you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

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