Women With Half Face Makeup Showing The Power Of Makeup

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Doing makeup  is an individual’s personal decision. Many people  like it and many don’t. Makeup outshines your beauty to a different level. Many people may do it because they love it, many may do because of their profession and many may do just to hide their face behind the makeup. Not only girls or ladies but now a days men too love doing makeup. Make up is giving confidence and encouragement to people. It has impacted our lives in many ways. To see the the changes what makeup gives to our face many people across the world accepted the makeup challenge.


1. kim Kardashian took up the makeup challenge. You can clearly see the difference in her face. How confident and charming her makeup face is looking!!!

2. Nikki took up the same makeup challenge to show the difference in her face through her YouTube video .Here is how her face is looking.

3. Many women started loving the makeup challenge on social media and posted many photos of themselves with the challenge. The results came out to be very shocking.

4. Evelina Forsell took up the same makeup challenge and it can clearly be seen how makeup can drastically change you.

5. Here is another picture with the makeup challenge. Both sides look beautiful though but the makeup side is more confident.

6.People had no idea that this challenge will become so popular on social media. A lot of people started posting their photos on different social media sites.

7. Patrick Starr a popular channel also took the makeup challenge and posted his videos

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8. Here is Shalom Nchom showing how makeup is helpful for burn victims.

9. Many influencers posting makeup tutorial also took the makeup challenge posting their photos and videos.

10. Here is a beautiful redhead lady looking amazing in this makeup challenge

11. Taking this makeup challenge is a beautiful art. Look at the eyebrows below.

  1. Instagram user makeupbycass shows the power of makeup by taking this beautiful makeup challenge.

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